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We are currently closed for the 2022 season, we look forward to tours during the 2023 season! 

Your Tour Guide: Jenna Langdon


Welcome Jenna Langdon to our honeybee team.
Jenna has a Degree of Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) Major in Animal Science and a Certificate in Animal Welfare. Jenna will be offer professional Honeybee Tours at our Willow Dee apiary at 174 Veterans Dr. with entrance of Willow Ave. Appointment only. You can contact Jenna at or 709 636-9005.

The Newbee Experience

11:00 AM for approximately 60 Minutes

$20 Each, Children under 5 are free

We will share with you how to identify a honeybee, their anatomy, behaviors, and how they make honey.  We will talk about flowers they frequent as we meander through a raspberry farm and see if we can spot the bees busy at work gathering their nectar and pollen.  Then we go inside to look an observation hive, where you can see the bees inside their hive up close and behind glass.  See what they do with that nectar and pollen when they bring it home.  Be the first to spot the queen and you will receive a sweet treat from our beekeeper.  From the safety of the indoors we will look out over one of our smaller apiaries and you can see them in action.  There will be plenty of opportunity for Q & A and at the end of the tour we will provide you with a cool refreshing beverage in our Craft Shop where you can sample and buy local honey as well as other items from local makers. 

The Fully Interactive Beekeeper Experience

1: 30 PM for approximately 90 Minutes

$50 Each, Children under 5 not recommended

In addition to the basics of honeybee colonies, a talk about how honey is made while walking thru the raspberry fields to the observation hive – as in the NewBee Experience.  This fully interactive experience will also give you the unique opportunity to see what it is really like to be a beekeeper.

Equipment Required: 

You will be provided with a protective bee suit/ jacket with a veil and gloves.

After getting “suited up” we will review the apiary etiquette and proceed outside to open a hive and observe an inspection by your guide.  You will be able to work the smoker, look at frames as they come out of the active hive, help us look for eggs and larvae to assess the queen’s performance and if you spot our queenie you get an extra special treat from the Craft Shop, YUM.  You will learn the basics about honeybee management; honey production in the d ay of the life of a beekeeper.  If you are really brave we can step to the side, remove our veil, and sample that sweet, sweet honey taken directly from the frames during our inspection.  At the end of the tour when we have removed all our PPE, enjoy a refreshing cool drink and honey sampling with plenty of opportunity for Q & A.

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